Steve Greenwood

Director, Oregon Solutions

Steve Greenwood is the Director of Oregon Solutions at the National Policy Consensus Center, with more than 35 years of public service at the federal, state, and local levels, as well as a brief time in the private sector.   He has been at Oregon Solutions and the National Policy Consensus Center at Portland State University since 2003 and teaches a graduate-level class, “Foundations of Collaborative Governance”, at PSU.

Steve has led numerous collaborative processes on issues such as Oregon’s urban-rural divide, water allocations in eastern Oregon, and Columbia River sediment management.  He has been a frequent speaker on collaborative governance at conferences and seminars around the country, holds a Master of Public Administration degree from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, and received a Fulbright fellowship to assist the government of Portugal on solid waste policy in 1991. He is also the 2007 recipient of the Outstanding Alumnus Award from the University of Oregon’s Planning, Public Policy and Management program.

Projects:  Multnomah County Drainage District (MCDD), North Portland- Swan Island Neighbors, Columbia River-Umatilla Solutions Taskforce, Lower Columbia Solutions Group, Oregon Gardens- SPROut, Willamette Falls Locks, Reedsport Wave Energy, Delta PondsLevee Ready Columbia: Flood Protection for the Portland CommunityLeveraging for Levees Event with Scott ShapiroMoist Mixed Conifer Science- Policy Workshop

Email: sgreenw@pdx.edu
Phone: 503.725.9097

Pete Dalke

Project Manager

Pete has been active in the development and management of Oregon Solutions since 2003. He started with the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality in 1988, serving in various management positions. Since 1994, his efforts have focused on developing and implementing multi-agency collaborative solutions for local public health and environmental issues. During this time his work included Environmental Partnerships for Oregon Communities projects across the State, serving as a Natural Resource Advisor in Governor John Kitzhaber’s Community Solutions Office and participating with numerous panels and workshops dealing with local government environmental issues. Pete has received the Federal government “Hammer” award for innovation, the Oregon Governor’s “Investing in People” award, and was selected by the Oregon Association of Water Utilities as a “Friend of Rural Water” for his work with small communities. Pete holds undergraduate degrees in Environmental Sciences and Economics from the University of Virginia, and an MBA from the Pennsylvania State University.

Projects: Federal Forestland Advisory Committee Implementation Working Group, Fort Clatsop-to-the-Sea Trail, Reduced Idling at Truckstops, Lakeview Biomass, Stream Restoration Partnership, , Renewable Energy Opportunities and Eastern Oregon Land Conservation Partnership, Western Juniper Utilization GroupSalmonberry Trail

Email: dalke@pdx.edu
Phone: 503.725.8273

Sarah Giles

Project Manager

Sarah has been working for the National Policy Consensus Center and its programs, including Oregon Solutions, since 2007. Prior to joining NPCC, she was previously a Research Assistant at Oregon Health and Sciences University. From 2002-2006, Sarah taught writing at the University of Arizona where she also received her MFA in Creative Writing. She graduated from Vassar College in 2001 and was a Fulbright Scholar in Germany, where she taught English to elementary and secondary level students.

Projects: Green Modular Classrooms

Email: sarahgiles@pdx.edu
Phone: 503.725.5248

Jim Jacks

Project Manager

Jim joined the OS staff in August 2011. He is a former Washington State Legislator who represented West Vancouver and has more than 15 years of facilitation, mediation and problem solving experience. He is the former SW Washington Public Liaison Officer for Governor Chris Gregoire and was her primary point of contact for any policy or community issue in an eight county region. He has served as the City of Vancouver’s Citizen Advocate in the City Manager’s Office and also established the Clark County Juvenile Court’s Victim-Offender Mediation program. While a legislator, Jim also worked part time doing business development work for a Vancouver based mid-sized civil engineering firm.  Jim has been part of the NPCC family for several years having served on the Policy Consensus Initiative Board of Directors and also as a volunteer co-convener for the Oregon Solutions Columbia River Clean Diesel Project.  Jim spent most of his life in Oregon and has lived in Corvallis, Coos Bay, Salem and St. Helens. Jim has a Master degree in Peace Studies from the University of Bradford in England and a Bachelors degree in History from Oregon State University.

Projects: WISE- Water for Irrigation, Streams and the Economy, Beaverton Community Health Collaborative, Bridges to Health, Lane County Physician’s Assistants and Nurse PractitionersWasco County Community Action Plan for Reducing Childhood Obesity

Email: jacks@pdx.edu
Phone: 503.725.9928

Michael Mills

Project Manager/ Program Outreach Manager

Michael Mills has more than 25 years of experience providing public policy dispute resolution. Michael was appointed by Mayor Vera Katz as the first ombudsman for the City of Portland in 1993. Michael served as Ombudsman for Anchorage, Alaska, from 1984 to 1991. Upon returning to Oregon, he was the dispute resolution coordinator for natural resource agencies under the Oregon Dispute Resolution Commission. Michael has a B.A. degree from The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, and has served twice as President of the U.S. Ombudsman Association. He served on the last Board of Directors of the Society of Professionals in Dispute Resolution before it merged with the Association of Conflict Resolution.

Projects: Cottonwood Canyon State Park Education and Interpretive Center, Innovation and Learning Center, The Housing Stock Upgrade Initiative (now reHome Oregon), Regional Accelerator Innovation Network (RAIN), South Santiam Community Forest Corridor, Historic Columbia River Highway Collaborative, Klamath IDEA (Inspire Development- Energize Acceleration)NAYA Generations

Email: michael.p.mills@pdx.edu
Phone: 503.725.9971

Julia Babcock

Project Coordinator

Julia began working for Oregon Solutions as a Graduate Research Assistant in 2009 to develop program evaluation tools and case studies. Since that time she has provided project support for the Lloyd Green District, the Federal Forest Advisory Committee Implementation Working Group (FFAC IWG) and the Sage Grouse Conservation Partnership (SageCon). Prior to working at OS, Julia was a planner for the Cities of Clearwater, West Palm Beach and a Special Projects Manager through the RARE program for Cascade Locks. She holds a B.A. in English with minors in Geography and Urban Planning from University of Florida and a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning from Portland State University.

Projects: Sage Grouse Conservation Partnership (SageCon)Lloyd Green DistrictFederal Forest Working Group (FFWG), and Lents Stabilization and Job Creation Collaborative

Email: jjb@pdx.edu
Phone: 503-725-8109

Lauren Beeney

Program Operations Manager

Lauren ensures smooth operation of Oregon Solutions and Oregon Consensus by monitoring projects; developing budgets; interfacing with stakeholders; contributing to project assessment, implementation, and evaluation; and developing and delivering training. Lauren previously conducted mediation for the Clackamas County Dispute Resolution Center and worked in human resource management in the hospitality industry. Lauren earned an M.A. in Conflict Resolution and a certificate in Project Management from Portland State University, and a B.A. in Communication from the University of Colorado.

Projects: Cottonwood Canyon State Park Education and Interpretive Center

Email: lbeeney@pdx.edu
Phone: 503-725-9092

img_2740Amy Delahanty

Oregon Programs & Project Associate

Before taking on her current role in 2015, Amy worked as a Graduate Assistant for the National Policy Consensus Center providing both project support and research assistance. Since that time, Amy has worked on projects focusing on education, social services, natural resources, community engagement and civic crowdfunding. In addition to her role at NPCC, Amy is a part-time instructor at Mt. Hood Community College in the Transiciones Program. She holds a master’s degree in social work from Portland State University and a bachelor’s degree in sociology from The Ohio State University.

Projects: Historic Columbia River Highway Collaborative,

Email: delahanty@pdx.edu
Phone: 503-725-2265

Beverly Stein

Senior Fellow, National Policy Consensus Center

Beverly Stein has over 40 years of experience as a community organizer, elected official, government executive, national consultant, and speaker. She served as Chair of the Multnomah County Board of Commissioners and as county Chief Executive for eight years. She focused on initiatives creating a sound public safety system, linking schools and social services, expanding access to health care, and implementing quality management techniques in government. Governing Magazine named Beverly “Local Public Official of the Year” in 1996. She was elected three times to the Oregon House of Representatives and ran for Governor in the 2002 Oregon primary. Beverly served as president of Public Strategies Group, Inc., a national consulting firm focused on helping public-purpose organizations become more outcome- and customer-focused. She earned a J.D. from the University of Wisconsin and a B.A. in Urban Studies from the University of California at Berkeley.

Projects: Prosperity Pilot Klamath Tribes/Chiloquin Early LiteracyProsperity Pilot Southern Oregon SuccessProsperity Pilot Malheur CTE

Phone: 503.725.9095

Laurel Singer

Director, National Policy Consensus Center (NPCC)

Laurel is the Director of the National Policy Consensus Center (NPCC), which houses Oregon Solutions. Since joining NPCC in 2006, Laurel has served as Director of Oregon Consensus and Oregon Solutions, Director of NPCC Training, and as a Project Manager for Oregon Consensus. Laurel draws on 25 years of experience as a facilitator, mediator, and trainer in public service and private practice. She has worked extensively in the human service arena at both the treatment and management level, where she helped pioneer the first Parent-Adolescent Mediation program in the Northwest. In 2011, she received the Oregon Mediation Association’s Bryan Johnston Award in recognition of outstanding service in the public policy mediation field. Laurel holds an M.S. degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of Oregon and is currently enrolled in the Public Affairs and Policy PhD program at Portland State University.

Projects: Camp Odyssey

Email: laurels@pdx.edu
Phone: 503-725-8224