Gervais school district, Green Modular Classroom project in NY Times

GERVAIS, Ore. — This tiny farm-country community is having a back-to-school sale, on the schools themselves…Three of the five school buildings in the district — all six miles or more from town, holdovers from a time when rural districts like this built a little school every few miles — were put on the market…This summer, Gervais district officials contacted an architecture team at Portland State University that has been working on new designs for mobile classrooms [as part of an Oregon Solutions project], incorporating green building standards like improved natural light, air circulation and energy efficiency into modular school construction, which has surged all over the country as schools have tried to control costs. The Gervais project will be one of the first to use the new designs.

Article Link: School District Bets Future on Real Estate. The New York Times. September 4, 2012.