What We Do

Oregon Solutions solves community problems using a new problem solving system. Community problems are multifaceted and require the participation and commitment of multiple levels of leadership for resolution. We bring business, government, and nonprofits to the table to agree on what role each can play to address a community need. Agreements document each problem-solving team member’s commitment to contribute to the solution.

In flood-devastated Vernonia we helped speed the procurement and construction of an innovative new K-12 school. In Lakeview, our project team helped to save 80 jobs by working together to open a small diameter sawmill.  In Portland, seven neighborhoods gained community gardens to grow food with more on the way. Whether addressing flooding mitigation in Tillamook or finding new markets for farms in Lane County, Oregon Solutions works across the state to solve vexing problems with creative, collaborative solutions. Since 2001, we have completed over 60 projects.

What We Offer

Oregon Solutions provides:

  • An impartial, inclusive forum
  • A highly respected convener
  • The ability to leverage additional resources
  • Project accountability
  • Experienced, senior-level staff

The best solutions occur when people work together. We provide the impartial, neutral forum to gather and sort the various perspectives and resources from the economic, environmental, and community landscape. We bring these disparate resources together by finding common ground and building beneficial partnerships. Through an integrated approach, we help leverage funding sources and secure agreements. Our staff provides project management to ensure accountability, transparency, and positive outcomes.

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Learn to build collaborative governance capacity for yourself, your team, or your agency through training from our parent program, the National Policy Consensus Center.