Historic Columbia River Highway Collaborative

The Historic Columbia River Highway continues to grow in popularity as does the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area in general. The Historic Highway and supporting infrastructure, including parking areas on the Historic Highway and on I-84 at Multnomah Falls, have a limited capacity which is often reached.  This Oregon Solutions project was designated by Governor Brown to identify solutions to some of the most immediate short term congestion and safety issues and a means to accomplish such improvements.

The Oregon Solutions approach helps bring together partners in a neutral and collaborative way to address issues and opportunities.  As a result of the collaborative efforts of the project team over the past several months, a number of actions to achieve these aims are already underway.  The Historic Highway is now served by both public and private shuttle services aimed at reducing the number of vehicles on the road. A host of parking and pedestrian circulation efforts to improve pedestrian safety and enhance the visitor experience are currently under review for implementation this summer and next. The involved agencies are working to create common messaging to encourage safe and respectful recreation throughout the Historic Highway. Finally, project team members have committed to ongoing communication and collaboration to ensure successful implementation of project solutions and continue to coordinate their efforts to address common issues in the future.

Additional Resources

For additional information and updates, see Co-convener and State Representative Mark Johnson's page on the Historic Columbia River Highway Collaborative:



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