Oregon Wine Industry Collaborative

In early 2020, in the wake of a contentious legislative session, and after being contacted by association representatives of the wine industry as well as the Oregon Liquor Control Commission looking for tools and approaches to resolve industry-wide tensions and explore different governing approaches for industry groups, Oregon Solutions conducted an assessment with individuals representing … Read more

Mount Hood/Government Camp Summit Rest Area Redevelopment

The public rest area at Government Camp, Oregon, is old and in poor condition, causes traffic challenges, and is in such high demand that it taxes the capacity of the adjoining Summit Ski Area parking lot, especially for truck traffic. Stakeholders are concerned that the increasing vehicle pass-through and visiting traffic to the mountain are … Read more

STEM Hubs Technical Assistance

Oregon Community Foundation seeks to ignite partnerships between business and education to advance opportunities for rural, low-income, students of color and girls in CTE-STEM (continuing technical education–science, technology, engineering, and math). Oregon Community Foundation has asked Oregon Solutions to provide technical assistance to STEM Hubs across the state in an effort to leverage and multiply … Read more

Oregon Electric Vehicle Collaborative

As part of critical efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Oregon has committed to achieving 50,000 registered electric vehicles in Oregon by 2020 (per executive order 17-21), and to strive for all passenger vehicle sales to be zero emission vehicles (ZEVs) as fast as possible and no later than 2050, as specified in the ZEV … Read more

Urban-Rural Ambassadors Summer Institute

Portland State University and Eastern Oregon University are leading an effort, along with their community partners, to provide an Urban-Rural Ambassador Insitute, a two-week, six-credit residential summer institute each year for undergraduate students to explore urban and rural connections in Oregon, and to develop the collaborative skills to work across Oregon’s urban-rural divide. For more … Read more

Poverty Reduction Task Force

An Oregon Solutions team of PSU students and volunteers led by National Policy Consensus Center Senior Fellow Beverly Stein provided facilitation and consulting services during the early phases of the Oregon Business Council’s Poverty Reduction Task Force in cooperation with ECO Northwest. The task force developed an integrated framework to address poverty that included the … Read more

Oregon Traffic Incident Management Responder Training

The Oregon Energy Plan identified Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) as a strategy to reduce energy consumption in the transportation sector.  The Oregon Transportation Research Education Consortium defined and supported ITS strategies for implementation in Oregon. This project incubated a statewide collaboration of response personnel to establish a Traffic Incident Management Implementation Committee, tasked with implementing … Read more

Sage-Grouse Conservation Partnership (SageCon)

Stay up to date with the SageCon Partnership through the official website.  The 5th Annual SageCon Summit is coming up December 8-9, 20202. Get details and RSVP. For meeting agendas, presentations, summaries and related materials; please visit the SageCon Google Drive Folder Wrapped up in the name “sage-grouse” are a host of complex issues related to … Read more

Oregon Sustainability Board, Sustainable Schools Project

The Oregon Sustainability Board aimed to provide support and guidance for schools and districts as they endeavored to improve ecological performance and save money. Governor Ted Kulongoski asked Secretary of State Bill Bradbury to convene a team of key representatives from public, private, and nonprofit entities to develop a compendium of practices and resources for … Read more