Transportation Electrification Executive Council (TEEC)

In 2009, Oregon’s Alternative Fuels Working Group (AFWG) identified a number of barriers associated with transportation electrification and provided recommendations to address the barriers.    One recommendation of the AFWG was the creation of a governor designated Executive Council to formulate strategies, plans, and partnerships. The Transportation Electrification Executive Council (TEEC) was established by Executive … Read more

Federal Forest Working Group (FFWG) — formerly the FFAC IWG

Since 2008, the purpose of the FFWG (formerly the FFAC Implementation Working Group) has been to pursue implementation of the Board of Forestry’s recommendations on how to accomplish more management on federal lands in partnership with the state. These recommendations appear in the Board’s 2009 report,  “Achieving Oregon’s Vision for Federal Forestlands.” Beginning with the 2015-17 … Read more