Oregon Sustainability Board, Sustainable Schools Project

The Oregon Sustainability Board wanted to provide support and guidance for schools and districts as they endeavor to improve ecological performance and save money.

Governor Ted Kulongoski asked Secretary of State Bill Bradbury to convene a team of key representatives from public, private, and nonprofit entities to develop a compendium of practices and resources for distribution to school districts by the Sustainability Board. The team was asked to identify pilot projects for the initiative including the the Prairie City Sustainable School project. The team and other projects are now managed by Zero Waste Alliance. Check the Zero Waste Alliance website for the project’s current status.


  • Advise the production of a compendium of practices and resources for school districts
  • Secure commitments from members of the Oregon Solutions Sustainable Schools Team to assist schools districts in implementing the recommended sustainable practices
  • Identify one or two possible pilot projects for the Sustainability Board’s Sustainable Schools Initiative