Transportation Electrification Executive Council (TEEC)

In 2009, Oregon’s Alternative Fuels Working Group identified a number of barriers associated with transportation electrification and provided recommendations to address the barriers.  One recommendation of the group was the creation of a governor designated executive council to formulate strategies, plans, and partnerships.

The Transportation Electrification Executive Council (TEEC) was established by governor’s executive order in the fall and held its first meeting in November 2010.   In March 2011, the TEEC developed a policy statement providing guidance on the types of policy leadership required for the current stage of the industry.

In April, the TEEC finalized a strategic framework that includes a mission, strategies, metrics, and 2011 goals. The TEEC developed work teams to achieve the elements included on the 2011 action plan.

The Energizing Oregon final report was submitted to US Department of Energy in November 2012.


  • To work collaboratively to establish Oregon as the leader in transportation electrification and seize economic development opportunities by demonstrating a robust early adoption market and integrating Oregon business.
  • Areas of strategic focus include:
    1. Strong public awareness and acceptance of transportation electrification
    2. Necessary and appropriate charging infrastructure
    3. Policy support for financial incentives and a streamlined regulatory process
    4. Strong national and international partnerships
    5. Support for existing and developing companies
    6. Meeting Oregon’s greenhouse reduction target