Clackamas County ONEStop

The ONEStop has been conceived as a virtual public, private, non-profit and academic partnership in support of the metropolitan region’s foodshed vision. The vision is to advance local economic development and job creation in the emerging food system cluster while fostering sustainability co-benefits such as public health, food equity and environmental stewardship. It will help connect the growing of local healthy food with the consumption of local healthy food.

The ONEStop will increase and enhance each partner organization’s capacity to assist growers. It will be designed so that a grower has a single ONEStop Partner as a lead. That lead would be able to draw on the services of all the partner organizations to benefit the grower. The goal is to leverage technical and financial resources among the partners to help growers. This will lead to increased production which will help close supply-demand gaps.

The whole concept of the ONEStop is built on the foundation of collaboration. The project will enable the organizations to collaborate more quickly, comprehensively, and more consistently than in the past. They will be able to better reach underserved growers through collaborative cross-marketing of programs, services and resources. In addition, it will enable staff among the partner organizations to work together more efficiently and effectively.

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