Regional Accelerator Innovation Network (RAIN)

Economic development is a top priority in the South Willamette Valley. The transition from a resource-based to a knowledge-based economy has been slow, as emerging technology companies struggle to obtain resources, including funding and the talent required for success.

The communities and universities in the South Willamette Valley, led by Corvallis and Eugene, with seed funding from the State of Oregon, have banded together to create a vision and plan for a system that addresses the specific economic development needs of our region. This plan is called the Regional Accelerator & Innovation Network, or RAIN.

  •  RAIN is a genuine collaboration that converges business, community members, government and higher education to accelerate the formation and growth of technology businesses and regional jobs.
  • RAIN promotes strong linkages between Oregon State University and the University of Oregon’s innovation and accelerator programs with overlapping support resources.
  • RAIN benefits emerging businesses by bringing the real-world experience of successful entrepreneurs as mentors, by providing energetic student interns and by creating workspace for technology start-ups.
  • RAIN helps college students through paid internships in exciting new fields.
  • RAIN helps communities by growing companies that can provide jobs and stem the out-migration of talented young people.

Please see additional resources below for more information.

Additional Resources

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