Cedar Mill Creek Flood Remediation Collaborative

Cedar Mill Creek and its major tributary North Johnson Creek drain a forested watershed on the west side of the West Hills mostly in Washington County. Because much of the watershed has been converted to urban uses, storm water runoff has been adversely affected and flooding occurs throughout the creek corridors even during relatively small rainfall events. The purpose of this collaborative effort is to enhance the natural functions of Cedar Mill Creek and North Johnson Creek corridors and manage flood risks in a manner that provides high quality natural habitat, while reducing flood hazard impacts on flood-prone residential and commercial properties.


Upcoming Events

Project Team Meeting
Monday, February 5, 2018, 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm
The Beaverton Building/City Hall
City Council Chambers
12725 Millikan Way
Beaverton, Oregon 97005


Link to Google Drive for all Project Meeting Materials and Documents

For more information contact Erik Jensen at erik@jensen-strategies.com, (503) 477-8312 or Michael Mills at michael.p.mills@pdx.edu, (503) 725-9971.


Do you live near Cedar Mill Creek or North Johnson Creek in Beaverton? We’re partnering with other agencies to address an increase in flood events. Help us understand where flooding occurs and learn more about this collaborative effort at cedarmillcreek.org

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