CEI Hub Mitigation Study and Assessment

Oregon Solutions was part of a research team at PSU that is worked on a seismic hazard mitigation study for the Critical Energy Infrastructure (CEI) Hub in northwest Portland.  The full research team looked at scenarios (what and how big), reach (where and when), impacted communities (who and how), mitigation best practices, and benefits and costs to mitigate the impacts of a Cascadia Subduction Zone event (CZE) at the CEI Hub. Oregon Solutions focused on impacted communities who have a direct interest in the hub or who could be impacted if the hub is damaged in a CZE (e.g., first responders, industry sectors, natural resource managers, cultural leaders, transportation/infrastructure, civic leaders). The project brought in perspectives of impacted communities in support of the research team.

Visit the Multnomah County website for more information and the final report.