Leveraging for Levees Event with Scott Shapiro


Leveraging for Levees was a one-day Oregon Solutions event to review levee project management strategies from other states with expert Scott Shapiro followed by a facilitated discussion with Oregon municipalities and special districts working through certification and accreditation issues. See poster below for more information.


Leveraging for Levees Final Draft


The event was held November 4, 2014 with support from Metro at the Oregon Convention Center. The attendance list can be found here: http://orsolutions.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/Leveraging-for-Levees-Attendance-List.pdf

The event was recorded with support from the Port of Portland. The video was edited into segments by speaker and topic. Links are labeled below so that interested parties may click on relevant portions of each speech.

Full playlist link

Questioner and Topic Segment
Betsy Johnson: Political Strategy 1
Columbia County: Matching Money for Engineering Study 1
Port of Portland: Definition of beneficiaries 2
Oregon Solutions: FEMA and USACE programs 2
City of Warrenton: Accreditation and Certification 2
MCDD: Climate Change and Levee Standards 3
USACE: Partnering with Local Sponsors 3
PEN 1: Timelines and Project Order 3
Reedsport: Aligning FEMA and USACE Standards 3
Sauvie Island Drainage District: Encroachments 4
Scappoose: Encroachments, Enforcement and Cost Sharing 4
Oregon Solutions: Encroachments, Landowners, and De-authorization 4
MCDD: Encroachments, Development, and Varying Standards 4
Oregon Solutions: Model Jurisdictions 5
Warrenton: Working Productively with FEMA 5
MCDD: Working with Railroads 5
Oregon Solutions: Lessons for Starting 6
Multnomah County: State and Local Funding Split 6
MCDD: Partnering with the State 6
Columbia County: Statewide Framing of Levees and Industrial Lands 7
DLCD: Development in Floodplains 7
Oregon Solutions: Supporting State Legislation 7
USACE: Risk Management Mission 7
DLCD: Risk of Encouraging Development 7