Lloyd Green District

The Oregon Solutions team worked with local and regional government agencies, business associations, and nonprofit organizations to create an implementation plan for a premier sustainable multi-use development district within an urban center. The Lloyd Green District vision is to become a lifestyle community of choice for area residents and a showcase of Portland’s leadership in economically viable earth-friendly development.

Project sponsors included the Portland Development Commission, Metro Regional Government, the City of Portland and the Lloyd Transportation Management Association. The team invited property owners, employers, and developers within the proposed district area and other local and state agencies and civic organizations to form the Lloyd Green District and plan for its implementation. Although previous efforts had gone toward sustainability and transportation planning for the district, little had been done to envision and agree on the investment and finance structures to ensure implementation.

The Lloyd Green District project boundaries stretch from the river east to NE 15th Street and Broadway Street south to I-84.


  • Explore and agree on finance and management tools to implement sustainability projects and programs in the district
  • Develop implementation agreements for sustainability projects and programs that require district-wide public-private agreement, management and financing