Salmonberry Trail

The core leadership group for the Salmonberry rails and trails project, including the Oregon Department of Forestry, the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department, the Port of Tillamook Bay, Tillamook County, and Washington County recognized that with the final draft Salmonberry Corridor Concept Plan release in November 2014, the related efforts were at a critical juncture. In working with the Salmonberry Coalition to prepare for the next round of public meetings and for the upcoming 2015 Oregon legislative session, key opportunities and needs existed to refine the project identity and arrive at an initial governance structure.

This OS project focused on presenting governance models to the leadership group for consideration, and assisting the leadership group and broader coalition members in reaching consensus on a governance structure that seems most appropriate to successfully advancing the project at this time.

**The Salmonberry Railroad, site of the proposed Salmonberry Trail, is dangerous and remote, and is closed to public use. Tunnels, trestles, and rails were severely damaged in a storm in 2007, and have not been repaired or maintained. In addition, the Port of Tillamook Bay, which owns the rail corridor, has posted no trespassing signs, and violators could be cited. 

We invite you to join us in the transformation of this route into a world-class trail

In the meantime, visit active trails in the area.

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