Zenger Farm

Zenger Farm is a 16-acre site located in the eastern portion of the Lents Urban Renewal District in outer Southeast Portland.  Originally a dairy farm,  the land is one of a few working urban farms in the Portland city limits.  In 1995, community members and organizations came together to explore the potential of this land as an important regional asset.  The outcome of this effort was the incorporation of Friends of Zenger Farm in 1999, with the mission of preserving this urban farm and wetlands in order to integrate education, environmental protection, and economic development into a successful demonstration of sustainable practices for the benefit of the local and regional community.

Problem Statement

The landowner, BES (Bureau of Environmental Services), and its lessee, Friends of Zenger Farms, had an exciting vision for the development of an urban agricultural center.  This center now demonstrates sustainable farming and the healthy interaction between natural systems and human activities, while providing opportunities for economic development and community building.   Since its incorporation in 1999, Friends of Zenger Farm has already accomplished a great deal in moving this vision forward, but needed some help.


  • Improved  infrastructure so that it has the capacity to serve the public as intended.
  • A long-term operating structure that is sound and that provides a reliable income stream apart from grants.
  • brainstorm solutions to roadblocks, collectively work to remove them, and bring new resources and expertise to the table as possible.


For more information about Zenger Farms, please visit: https://zengerfarm.org/