Wildfire Risk Reduction/ Central Oregon Partnerships for Wildfire Risk Reduction (COPWRR)

Beginning in the late 1980s and early 1990s, a combination of wildfire fuel accumulation, droughts, and extreme weather conditions caused wildfire in Central Oregon to strike with more destructive power than in decades past.  At the same time, the region began experiencing rapid rural development, putting more people and property in the path of wildfire, … Read more

Sherman County Wind Farm

This project demonstrated the ability of the Oregon Solutions process to expedite permitting requirements by addressing possible opposition early on and was accomplished in partnership between several farmers in Sherman County, Northwest Wind, several state and federal agencies, the Audubon Society and BPA.

Sherman County Library

With a grant from the Oregon State Library, Sherman County in 1996 became the last county in Oregon to develop a public library. For the prior decade, the public library and its patrons shared space with the library collection and students of Sherman Junior Senior High School in the county seat of Moro.  It was … Read more

Oregon Paleo Project

A number of organizations, local officials, and state and federal agencies worked together to explore opportunities with the significant fossil beds near Fossil. The specific projects associated with this effort included: Conversion of Fossil High School into a paleontological visitor’s center Educational programming around sustainable ranching and stream restoration on the Pine Creek Ranch – … Read more

Columbia Gorge Discovery Center

The Columbia Gorge Discovery Center and Wasco County Historical Museum, located in The Dalles, serves as the official interpretive center for the Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area. The spectacular facility on Crates Point overlooking the river provides exhibits that highlight the natural beauty, geologic history, and rich heritage of the area. At the request of … Read more

Lakeview Biomass

Forest restoration projects are different from typical timber sales in that they generally do not create enough saw-logs and other valuable commodities to pay for themselves.  Federal agencies do not have sufficient appropriations to pay for these types of projects, at least at the scale required to achieve restoration across these affected landscapes.  In order … Read more

Jefferson County Public Transportation

Public transportation is a problem facing most rural communities, and Jefferson County is no exception. Lack of transit options affects employers, individuals without the means to afford a vehicle, and elderly or disabled people who are unable to drive. Jefferson County, the Oregon Department of Transportation, the Central Oregon Intergovernmental Council, and the Central Oregon … Read more

Deschutes County Transportation

In Central Oregon, rapid population growth increased the need for transportation services in general,  and specifically better coordination of transportation options for seniors, disabled persons and persons without the means of personal mobility. The Deschutes County Transportation project team coordinated existing mobility services and created a permanent public transportation system to serve all people and … Read more