Humboldt School

The goals of this project were to ensure that efforts in housing, community development, and education are coordinated, creative and positive for the neighborhood and Humboldt School. This Oregon Solutions project leveraged resources to create positive differences in the Humboldt Neighborhood and at the Humboldt School. City agencies looked to Oregon Solutions for help aligning … Read more

Gateway Green

The Gateway Green project in Portland’s eastside Gateway neighborhood is an outgrowth of several planning studies and the collective grassroots efforts of a growing number of community stakeholders. The project area consists of highly visible but underutilized open space surrounded by the confluence of I-84 and I-205 (35 acres) and the adjoining publicly-owned, but practically … Read more

Portland Community Gardens

The Portland Community Gardens project sought to increase community gardening opportunities in Portland. A scarcity of community garden space combined with an ongoing interest in food security, self reliance, and sustainability led to an Oregon Solutions project to help boost the ability for Portlanders to grow their own food.

Willamette Falls Locks

The Willamette Falls Locks connect the upper and lower sections of the Willamette River providing the only safe passage for recreational and commercial boats around the 40-foot falls. Operated by the Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), the Willamette Locks struggles to stay open due to steep operational costs and inconsistent funding. Oregon Solutions has been … Read more