Humboldt School

The goals of this project were to ensure that efforts in housing, community development, and education are coordinated, creative, and positive for the neighborhood and Humboldt School. This Oregon Solutions project leveraged resources to create positive differences in the Humboldt neighborhood and at the Humboldt School.

City agencies looked to Oregon Solutions for help aligning resources and investments in the Humboldt neighborhood and promoting Humboldt School as the “center of community” by making safety for school children a priority. Approximately $150,000 in cash was leveraged, along with technical assistance in design and building a learning garden.


The Oregon Solutions project team agreed on taking steps toward ensuring Humboldt School as a “center of the community.” The team chose to explore ways to offer more recreational and learning opportunities for the students of Humboldt School and for the community by improving school property while increasing the safety of the children. The project team focused its energy on three priority areas:

• Building and programming for a learning garden,

• Improving the playground and adjacent property for recreation

• Increasing the capture rate within the Humboldt neighborhood


  • Groundbreaking of Humboldt community gardens in July 2009

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