Lane Clean Diesel

The Lane Clean Diesel Project was born out of the need to establish a stable, reasonably-priced supply of ultra-low-sulfur diesel and biodiesel in Lane County. It was sponsored by Lane Regional Air Pollution Authority (LRAPA) through a grant from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and was designated by Governor Ted Kulongoski as an Oregon Solutions project. Lane Metro Partnership headed the project and Good Company provided staffing. The project team brought together more than 40 participants from the public and private sectors to bring clean fuel to Lane County.

The project’s Oregon Solutions designation assured governor support, assistance, and the commitment to encourage the use of cleaner, more sustainable fuels. The project also gave recognition to entities making wise environmental choices for the future.


  • Organize large buyers (state agencies, city government, school districts and private companies) and distributors of diesel fuel in order to create sufficient demand to cost-effectively bring ultra-low-sulfur diesel (ULSD) to Lane County in advance of 2006 EPA requirements.


  • Bulk ultra-low-sulfur diesel is now available in Eugene from two bulk distributors: The Jerry Brown Company and Tyree Oil. Both distributors have added bulk storage tanks at their distribution sites, providing a stable supply of clean diesel to the community, at a combined cost of more than $160,000 in private funds. EPA provided $15,000 to each provider to help offset the installation costs.
  • The community of Oakridge will be able to benefit from clean fuels as well, due to a commitment from Ed Staub & Sons Petroleum Inc. to include ultra-low-sulfur diesel and biodiesel at its new card lock refueling station in the city of Oakridge. The project, which received funding help from the EPA, is expected to be completed by September.
  • The team developed a logo and Clean Lane Fuel trademark for authorized use by fleets or individuals on promotional materials, vehicles, and in workplaces. Recognition license plate frames and bumper stickers will be supplied to participants as well. The recognition program will be transferred to LRAPA to continue implementation at the completion of the project.

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