Prosperity Pilot Malheur CTE

The Oregon Prosperity Initiative (OPI) is a commitment to create a robust, thriving economy by removing barriers to overcoming poverty and empowering community members to maximize their potential.  The initiative is working on two fronts: ensuring that people and families who are currently living in poverty have access to critical resources, and addressing the root causes of poverty and clearing away systemic barriers to increasing prosperity.

Oregon Solutions (with the support of ECONorthwest) worked with OPI to implement two pilot projects in the state using a collaborative implementation model, one of which was in Malheur County. The grassroots initiative called, “Poverty to Prosperity: Malheur County Recovery Plan” has been launched by a cross sector of committed citizens and organizations.  One of the five action committees focused on implementing a Career Technical Education (CTE) program to enable 18-year-old men and women to find good, local jobs if they do not go to college.

The project was focused on assisting the Poverty to Prosperity CTE Action Committee with expanding the county’s current career technical education services for high school junior and seniors.

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