Bradwood is an upland dredge disposal site on private property about 10 miles east of Astoria. An Oregon Solutions team worked with the property owner, government agencies, and other stakeholders to reach an agreement on marketing and transporting of existing dredge materials from the site and future use of the site as a depot for … Read more

Fort-Clatsop-to-the-Sea Trail

The Fort-Clatsop-to-the-Sea-Trail Project team came together with the objective to construct a trail from the Fort Clatsop National Memorial to Sunset Beach as part of the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial to commemorate the historic trail Lewis and Clark took to reach the ocean from their shelter at Fort Clatsop. In order to complete the project, … Read more

Vernonia Schools

After devastating floods ravaged Vernonia school infrastructure, Oregon Solutions brought government agencies and community leaders together to locate, fund, and rebuild new facilities on higher ground. In December 2010, the team celebrated the groundbreaking of a new K-12 school campus under construction, and in August 2012 the community celebrated the opening of the new school … Read more

Tillamook Basin Flooding Reduction

Oregon Solutions was asked to bring together federal, state, and local government agencies with community leaders to agree on the best strategies to mitigate flood events in the Tillamook basin. The team evaluated and prioritized projects that will diminish severe flooding and alleviate flooding damage. New partnerships were formed to expedite the projects and leverage … Read more