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Oakridge Woodsmoke Mitigation

Local climate and topography make the area around Oakridge, Oregon, prone to wintertime temperature inversions, low wind speeds and poor atmospheric dispersion that translates into poor air quality during the winter months when many residents use wood stoves as their primary source of heat. Poor air quality disproportionately impacts the most vulnerable in the community […]

Springfield Manufactured Home Park Solutions Collaborative

The Oregon Solutions project brought together a team of public, private and civic partners to work toward innovative solutions to assist residents, owners and renters who are living in mobile homes in parks in substandard conditions or who face being evicted as a result of redevelopment pressures. The collaborative aimed to create a social service assistance […]

Willamette Falls Locks Task Force

The Willamette Falls Navigation Canal and Locks Task Force was established through Senate Bill 131 (2015), which states that the Task Force shall: (a) Compile information relating to the Willamette Falls navigation canal and locks, including, but not limited to: (A) The historical and cultural aspects of the canal and locks; (B) Economic opportunities that could […]

Lane County Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners

Lane County was on the brink of a healthcare crisis.  A shortage of primary care physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners had been documented in a variety of reports by the Oregon Health Authority. In addition, large numbers of primary care workers in Lane County retired and  the Trillium Community Health Plan CCO, reported about […]

Regional Accelerator Innovation Network (RAIN)

The communities and universities in the South Willamette Valley, led by Corvallis and Eugene, with seed funding from the State of Oregon, banded together to create a vision and plan for a system that addresses the specific economic development needs of our region. This plan was called the Regional Accelerator & Innovation Network, or RAIN. […]

South Santiam Community Forest Corridor

New leadership within the Department of Agriculture, the US Forest Service, and the Willamette National Forest has brought with it new approaches to community engagement and collaboration.  Meg Mitchell was appointed as Superintendent  of the Willamette National Forest in August of 2009 and Cindy Glick was appointed as the Sweet Home District Ranger in March, […]

Oregon Gardens, SPROut

The Oregon Garden Foundation, with help from a grant from the Natural Resources Conservation Service, established a Sustainable Plant Research and Outreach Center (SPROut). SPROut is a partnership between the Oregon Garden Foundation, The Institute for Natural Resources, Oregon State University, the Natural Resources Conservation Service, and a number of other public and private institutions. […]

Reduced Idling Truckstops

In 2003, Governor Theodore Kulongoski launched, with the Governors of California and Washington, the West Coast Global Warming Initiative to address the issue of climate change and ultimately outlining strategies and projects to curb greenhouse emissions.  Reducing long duration idling at truck stops was identified as one effective measure to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The […]

Oregon Sustainable Agriculture Resource Center (OSARC)

Changing consumer demand has created both new market opportunities for agricultural producers and evolving requirements for access to major markets. The Oregon Sustainable Agriculture Resource Center (OSARC) was established to draw together the education, information, and technical support needed by Oregon farmers and ranchers wishing to capture those opportunities and meet the requirements. This project […]

City of Milwaukie Riverfront Park

The Riverfront Park Restoration project was a significant component of the City of Milwaukie Downtown Plan. The project focused on helping restore two important Willamette River tributaries: Kellogg Creek and Johnson Creek. Restoration along part of a third tributary, Spring Creek, was also included in the plan with the provision of green space for walking, […]