A federal forest field tour for state legislators presented by the Oregon Department of Forestry, October 22, 2014

From Collaboration through Implementation: A Partnership to Increase the Pace and Scale of Federal Forest Health

As a result of the tour, Legislators will gain insight into how the State of Oregon is working with local communities and collaborative groups to positively influence federal forest planning and on-the-ground treatments. The tour will highlight key investments of the 2013 Oregon Legislature’s $2.88 million Dry Side Federal Forest Health Program administered by the Department of Forestry.
Legislators will have the opportunity to engage local collaborative group leaders including local elected officials, conservationists, timber industry personnel, other business and community leaders, and US Forest Service staff regarding the important role that the State has taken to support their local efforts and discuss possible next steps


The full tour packet can be downloaded here, but it is a large file (18MB) so individual pages are available below as well.

 Agenda and Background Material

  1. Day’s Agenda
  2. Field Stop Overviews provided by USFS
  3. ODFs Federal Forest Health and Collaboration Package
    a. Forest Restoration News – Selected highlights from the State’s 2013-2015 Investment
    b. Oregon’s Leadership Role: October 2014 Update on ODFs Implementation Strategy
    c. 2015-2017 Agency Budget Request Overview
  4. Oregon Community-based Forest Collaboratives Summary & Map

Field Stop 1: West Bend Project

  1. West Bend Project Map
  2. Deschutes Collaborative Forest Project
    a. Overview & Map
    b. DCFP Steering Committee Roster
  3. Interfor Corporation: Oregon Reserve Pine

Field Stop 2: SAFR Project

  1. SAFR Project Map
  2. USFS Briefing Papers
    a. Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Program
    b. Malheur 10-year Stewardship Contract
    c. Eastside Strategy
  3. Blue Mountain Eagle Article: Malheur Lumber Company
  4. Waging Peace? Case Study published by OFRI
  5. Summary of Deschutes County Telephone Survey


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