Status Archives: Completed Projects

Moist Mixed Conifer Science-Policy Workshop

In Pendleton December 4-5th, the Science-Policy Workshop was held to bring together scientists, technical specialists, forest collaboratives and policy-makers to discuss management strategies for eastside moist-mixed conifer forests with the following focus: Goals: Review the latest research findings on moist mixed-conifer forests, to take advantage of the Pacific Northwest Research Station’s just-completed “Science Synthesis” Determine where the […]


Oregon Traffic Incident Management Responder Training

The Oregon Energy Plan identified Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) as a strategy to reduce energy consumption in the transportation sector.  The Oregon Transportation Research Education Consortium has taken the initiative to define and support ITS strategies that can be implemented now in Oregon. Current research and experience provides compelling evidence for the combined safety and […]

Western Regional Innovation and Learning Center (Lake County)

Community leaders have been working together since 2008 as the Lake County Renewable Energy Working Group toward the creation of an instructional innovation and learning center that will improve individual lives and the greater community by offering education that is normally accessible elsewhere, as well as innovative educational programs unique to the region.  Lake County […]

The Housing Stock Upgrade Initiative (HSUI) , Curry County

The Housing Stock Upgrade Initiative (HUSI) program was conceived to either upgrade or replace some of the worst mobile homes and manufactured homes in the state that have long outlived their designed life span.  The objective of the project is to identify and integrate sufficient resources, incentives and savings necessary so that homeowners have the […]

Agora Investment Platform– Connect. Invest. Thrive.

The Agora Investment Platform (f.k.a. IPED) is the world’s first collaborative investment technology platform matching community defined investment priorities with relevant public, private and philanthropic funding sources in order to promote economic vitality. The online platform allows communities and public, private and philanthropic funders from a variety of geographies to connect, source new opportunities, and […]

Beaverton Community Health Collaborative

The Beaverton Community Health Collaborative is a shared vision of the City of Beaverton, Community Action, Lifeworks NW, Pacific University, Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center and Washington County Public Health. They currently operate from separate facilities scattered throughout the Beaverton area that are overcrowded due to high demand. Several partners have expiring leases. These partners […]

Columbia River-Umatilla Solutions Taskforce

Drawing upon the work of the Umatilla Basin Commission and recent efforts in the State of Washington, this Oregon Solutions project has been convened to identify ways in which additional water withdrawals from the Columbia River can be done in a way to benefit both fish and farms, helping provide economic development opportunities in the […]

Umatilla Forest Collaborative Group

In July of 2011, the US Forest Service sponsored a Listening Tour on the Umatilla National Forest with public, private and non-profit stakeholders to discuss the opportunities and challenges on the forest that stretches between Northeastern Oregon and Southeast Washington.  In September a follow up meeting explored the collaborative opportunities for diverse stakeholders working together […]

Western Juniper Utilization Group

Project Information Promising new partnerships between government, civic leaders, non-profit organizations and businesses formed due to the growing alarm around the proliferation of Western Juniper throughout eastern Oregon.  There is general agreement that Juniper needs to be removed from both public and privately-owned lands to improve grazing land, discourage the spread of invasive weed growth, […]

WISE- Water for Irrigation, Streams and the Economy

The WISE project is a multi?faceted partnership between water users and stakeholders working proactively to improve water quality and quantity in the Little Butte Creek and Bear Creek watersheds for irrigation, aquatic habitat, and other uses in an economically and environmentally feasible manner. The WISE Project is located within Jackson County. The project area includes […]