Status Archives: Completed Projects

Historic Columbia River Highway Collaborative

The Historic Columbia River Highway continues to grow in popularity as does the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area in general. The Historic Highway and supporting infrastructure, including parking areas on the Historic Highway and on I-84 at Multnomah Falls, have a limited capacity which is often reached.  This Oregon Solutions project was designated by […]

Lane County Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners

Lane County is on the brink of a healthcare crisis.  There is a shortage of primary care physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners which has been documented in a variety of reports by the Oregon Health Authority. In addition, large numbers of primary care workers in Lane County are retiring and Trillium Community Health Plan, […]

Prosperity Pilot Klamath Tribes/Chiloquin Early Literacy

Early childhood literacy is identified as a way to address poverty in the long term, and the Klamath Tribes/Chiloquin Community Early Literacy Project is focused on engaging parents and the community in efforts to make sure local children are ready to read when they enter school. This project will bring together the Tribes and the […]

Wasco County Community Action Plan for Reducing Childhood Obesity

In a 2014 study of over 1,000 children attending grade school in The Dalles, researchers found 38% were classified as overweight, or obese. Higher than both the national and state averages, Wasco County obesity rates are continuing to climb, despite rates leveling off in other parts of the country. In an effort to tackle this […]

Leveraging for Levees Event with Scott Shapiro


Greater Portland Area Traffic Incident Management

Current research and experience provides compelling evidence for the combined safety and energy-savings benefits of coordinated incident management. The Greater Portland Area Traffic Incident Management (TIM) project will focus on  the formation of a cross-jurisdictional team of traffic incident managers and responders in ODOT Region 1 who will create a forum to review and resolve regional […]

Prosperity Pilot Southern Oregon Success

The School2Work and Youth Development Committees of Southern Oregon Success (SORS) are working to make sure all high school youth who are in need receive additional support, experience and/or encouragement to successfully graduate and transition to post-secondary training and/or a career. This effort became one of the Oregon Prosperity Initiative Pilot projects and used the […]

Klamath IDEA (Inspire Development – Energize Acceleration)

The concept behind Klamath IDEA is to bring education, economic development, private business, financial institutions, municipal, county, and state governments together with entrepreneurs, innovators, and successful businesses to accelerate job creation and promote marketable commodities to expand the local and state economy. Project identification and recruitment efforts will include forums and presentations to the community […]

NAYA Generations

The NAYA Generations project is an innovative integrated inter-generational housing and learning community.  Its residents comprise of some of the Native community’s most vulnerable elements: Children in foster care/child welfare; elders; and early learners.  NAYA Generations project is culturally –based and will guide the delivery of services to residents, learners, and visitors. From design through […]

Moist Mixed Conifer Science-Policy Workshop

In Pendleton December 4-5th, the Science-Policy Workshop was held to bring together scientists, technical specialists, forest collaboratives and policy-makers to discuss management strategies for eastside moist-mixed conifer forests with the following focus: Goals: Review the latest research findings on moist mixed-conifer forests, to take advantage of the Pacific Northwest Research Station’s just-completed “Science Synthesis” Determine where the […]