Status Archives: Completed Projects

Foster Care

Oregon Solutions convened eight counties across the state to develop locally-based approaches to reduce the number of Oregon children in foster care by 20 percent by 2011. The project was spurred in part by a grant from the Casey Foundation, with an emphasis on creating alternatives to foster care and addressing equity issues. The counties […]

Creating Value from Animal By-Products

The Oregon Solutions Animal By-Products project explored economically viable, environmentally benign and socially acceptable options for processing the organic residues of slaughtering offal, other meat-based residues, and on-farm animal mortality into marketable products. The project pursued options that captured by-product value through energy production and nutrient recycling in addition to traditional rendering products.

Reedsport Wave Energy

Oregon has actively worked to become a national and international leader in wave energy. Since approximately 2005, stakeholders, state and federal agencies have been working to understand the impacts and the regulatory processes required for development of this industry in Oregon.  To advance the efforts in the state, the Oregon Innovation Council recommended that the State Legislature designate wave energy as […]

Wallowa County Sustainable Forestry

Wallowa Resources, a non-profit in Enterprise, has been assisting local mills in Wallowa County to process timber from small diameter trees as part of an effort to improve forest health in the region.  Wallowa Resources was created by the community of Wallowa County as a non-profit organization to provide leadership in sustainability by promoting community, […]

Hands on Lands

Hands on Lands is a community partnership bridging natural resource management and human resource development in order to revitalize and sustain the culture and landscape of a working community.  Large-scale management and maintenance was needed on the public lands within Wallowa County. The condition of these lands affects the environment, economy and public safety of […]

Harney County Restoration Collaborative

This project brought diverse partners from the community, government agencies and non-profits together to support a landscape-scale National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process targeting the eastern portion of the Emigrant Ranger District. This project took place within a larger effort to forge consensus for the future management of Eastern Oregon’s forests, driven by the desire to build […]

Prairie City Sustainable School Project

The Oregon Sustainability Board designated seven Sustainable Schools projects, including the Prairie City Sustainable School project. Prairie City School, a K-12 facility located in rural Grant County has undertaken a sustainable beautification effort in combination with a larger community revitalization effort in Prairie City. In a rural community such as Prairie City, the local school […]

Christmas Valley

The Christmas Valley Back-scatter site consists of 2,622 acres of BLM land withdrawn for use by the U.S. Air Force to provide national security information during the cold war. The site was made obsolete by satellite technology, and was scheduled to return to BLM management in September 2009. It is surrounded by thousands of additional […]

Wildfire Risk Reduction/ Central Oregon Partnerships for Wildfire Risk Reduction (COPWRR)

Beginning in the late 1980s and early 1990s, a combination of wildfire fuel accumulation, droughts, and extreme weather conditions caused wildfire in Central Oregon to strike with more destructive power than in decades past.  At the same time, the region began experiencing rapid rural development, putting more people and property in the path of wildfire […]

Sherman County Wind Farm

This project demonstrated the ability of the Oregon Solutions process to expedite permitting requirements by addressing possible opposition early on and was accomplished in partnership between several farmers in Sherman County, Northwest Wind, several state and federal agencies, the Audubon Society and BPA.