Editorial: Idea for forest shows promise

The proposal for a community forest corridor on the east side of Sweet Home got a big boost recently when it was selected as an Oregon Solutions Team project. It’s good news for the proposal, which we think shows considerable promise…

Oregon Solutions Team takes on Community Forest project

SWEET HOME — The concept of a community forest corridor east of Sweet Home has gotten a major boost with its selection as an Oregon Solutions Team project. The concept includes designating a 12-mile stretch of timbered land along the South Santiam River and Highway 20 as a community forest. It would be a working … Read more

In The High Desert, A Sustainable Mill Targets A Thirsty Tree

FOSSIL, Ore. — When you walk into Kendall Derby’s mill, the first thing you notice is the smell. It’s sharp and evergreen, like the high desert after a rain. But Derby doesn’t notice the smell of juniper. ‘People walk in here and they say oh, I love the smell. And I don’t have a sense … Read more