A pathway for Gateway Green

What’s now a narrow, weedy, unused 38-acre parcel at the confluence of Interstate 205 and I-84 in East Portland is a field of dreams for Linda Robinson and Ted Gilbert. Since 2008, the community activist and developer have been spearheading a grassroots community project called Gateway Green…

Floodplain Restoration to Benefit Salmon on West Coast of US

US – Government agencies have come together on the West Coast of the US to reconnect floodplain habitat with salmon-bearing streams, which should help to improve salmon populations. Salmon are severely impacted by the loss of floodplain habitats throughout the West Coast. In Oregon’s Tillamook Bay, nearly 90 per cent of estuaries’ tidal wetlands have … Read more

Coalition tackles childhood obesity

Public, nonprofit and private organizations from throughout the region recently gathered to pledge their commitment to an effort to reduce childhood obesity in Wasco County, publicly signing pledges to the Wasco Childhood Obesity Reduction Community Action Plan (WCORCAP). #“The rate of childhood obesity in Wasco County exceeds both the state and national average,” said Michele … Read more