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Juniper: It’s Not Just For Gin Anymore

Twisted old Juniper trees can make for a pretty photograph, but they don’t have a lot of commercial uses. And that can be a problem because there are a lot of juniper trees in Eastern Oregon, taking up space and water, and changing the habitat for species like the sage-grouse…

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Juniper: It's Not Just For Gin Anymore. OPB (Think Out Loud). March 11, 2015.

Portland’s levees require expensive fixes

Stakeholders are working to find a feasible solution to bring Portland levees up to federal standards…

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Portland’s levees require expensive fixes. The Daily Journal of Commerce. March 12, 2015.

New standards for Columbia River levees could cost millions

It’s been 157 years since a hurricane hit the West Coast of the United States. But even Portland isn’t immune to the effects of tropical cyclones.

That’s because hurricanes Katrina and Sandy have federal regulators considering whether already-built levees across the country are actually safe, a discussion causing headaches for local governments nationwide…

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New standards for Columbia River levees could cost millions . Metro News. March 5, 2015.