Getting a feel for forest

Members of the South Santiam Community Forest project team on Friday spent the day visiting key sites along the proposed corridor, from Sweet Home to Cascadia Cave. The South Santiam Forest Corridor Project proposes an as-yet undefined corridor along the South Santiam River, from a point that started at a former Knife River (Morse Bros.) … Read more

Truce brokered in long running battle over Columbia River water

For nearly a decade, conservationists and irrigation interests have battled at the state capitol over Columbia River water and the long-standing laws safeguarding Columbia summer flows from new appropriations. These summer flows are critical to support the Columbia River’s salmon and steelhead runs protected by the federal Endangered Species Act… Download full newsletter and read … Read more

Aging in place in manufactured housing

A healthy, inexpensive, environmentally friendly solution for housing millions of retiring baby boomers is staring us in the face. We just know it by a dirty name…