Sherman County Library

With a grant from the Oregon State Library, Sherman County in 1996 became the last county in Oregon to develop a public library. For the prior decade, the public library and its patrons shared space with the library collection and students of Sherman Junior Senior High School in the county seat of Moro.  It was … Read more

Oregon Paleo Project

A number of organizations, local officials, and state and federal agencies worked together to explore opportunities with the significant fossil beds near Fossil. The specific projects associated with this effort included: Conversion of Fossil High School into a paleontological visitor’s center Educational programming around sustainable ranching and stream restoration on the Pine Creek Ranch – … Read more

Zenger Farm

Zenger Farm is a 16-acre site located in the eastern portion of the Lents Urban Renewal District in outer Southeast Portland.  Originally a dairy farm,  the land is one of a few working urban farms in the Portland city limits.  In 1995, community members and organizations came together to explore the potential of this land … Read more

North Portland Diesel Emissions Reduction

North Portland is the hub of distribution for the state and, therefore, has the highest levels of diesel emissions in the state (estimated at approximately twenty times the health standard). Community groups, regulators and private and public fleets (operating in or near North Portland) collaborated to reduce fleet emissions through fuel and equipment upgrade projects. … Read more

Reduced Idling at Truck Stops

In 2003, Governor Theodore Kulongoski launched, with the Governors of California and Washington, the West Coast Global Warming Initiative to address the issue of climate change and outline strategies and projects to curb greenhouse emissions.  Reducing long duration idling at truck stops was identified as one effective measure to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The Reduced … Read more

Port Orford

The Port of Port Orford on the southern Oregon coast is unique in that it is not inside a natural bay or river. The harbor is in a natural cove with a rock headland to the north and west. The port provides the fishing industry direct access to the ocean, and ocean waves from the … Read more

Oregon Sustainable Agriculture Resource Center (OSARC)

Changing consumer demand has created both new market opportunities for agricultural producers and evolving requirements for access to major markets. The Oregon Sustainable Agriculture Resource Center (OSARC) was established to draw together the education, information, and technical support needed by Oregon farmers and ranchers wishing to capture those opportunities and meet the requirements. This project … Read more

City of Milwaukie Riverfront Park

The Riverfront Park Restoration project was a significant component of the City of Milwaukie Downtown Plan. The project focused on helping restore two important Willamette River tributaries: Kellogg Creek and Johnson Creek. Restoration along part of a third tributary, Spring Creek, was also included in the plan with the provision of green space for walking, … Read more

Cardwell Hill Regional Conservation Planning Strategy

The Cardwell Hill Regional Conservation Planning Strategy was a cooperative, voluntary approach to landscape-scale restoration and management that worked across the ownership boundaries of many participating landowners. It was based in the upper Marys River hills region, which is composed of a network of public and privately-owned parcels in an area of high biodiversity value. … Read more

Camp Odyssey

Camp Odyssey, a week-long teen camp that builds bridges across cultural differences, ran successfully for 12 years through the 1980s and 1990s. Positively impacted by their camp experience, several camp alumni approached Oregon Solutions to create a sustainable governance structure for Camp Odyssey to ensure its long-term success. The Camp Odyssey and Oregon Solutions team … Read more