Completed Projects

Milton Freewater Levee

The Walla Walla River runs adjacent to the City of Milton-Freewater. In the 1940s, the U.S Corps of Engineers (USACE) constructed levees along the river to protect property from flooding. Several areas of  the river have deficient flood control structures and need to be fixed. There is an estimated $1.8 million cost to repair levee […]

Pendleton Solutions

Pendleton is experiencing a shortage of workforce housing. Unlike other areas of the state and country that have a flood of properties available, Pendleton has a low vacancy rate with many employees traveling great distances to work in the community. Businesses have the potential to expand their operations but lack access to a stable workforce […]

Southern Oregon Clean Energy Alliance

The Southern Oregon Clean Energy Alliance (SOCEA) initially consisted of 5 Southern Oregon Counties, and has since grown to include 8 counties in the southwest corner of the state.  The SOCEA counties are: Coos, Curry, Douglas, Jackson, Klamath, Lake, Lane and Josephine.  All these counties have been hard hit by the contraction of the traditional timber economy.  This fact, […]

Applegate Sustainable Aggregate

Gravel extraction can often be harsh on the surrounding environment and detrimental to landscapes and watersheds.  In the Applegate Watershed, which falls in both Josephine and Jackson counties, an Oregon Solutions team was convened to review available data and to identify the conditions and additional studies needed to determine how to extract gravel in an […]

Charleston Coastal and Ocean Center

The town of Charleston, on the southern Oregon coast, supports one of Oregon’s largest commercial and recreational fishing fleets and also serves as the base of operations for multiple scientific, education and coastal resource management organizations.   In order to plan for a productive and sustainable future, Charleston was looking to develop an integrated coastal and […]

Deschutes County Transportation

In Central Oregon, rapid population growth increased the need for transportation services in general,  and specifically better coordination of transportation options for seniors, the disabled and persons without the means of personal mobility. The Deschutes County Transportation Project team coordinated existing mobility services and created a permanent public transportation system to serve all people and […]

North Bend Airport Terminal

In October 2003, the South Coast Development Council in conjunction with a majority of the region’s economic development stakeholders published a “White Paper” entitled Economy and Transportation Issues, Coos County, Oregon. Chief among its findings and recommendations was the development of an expanded commercial air route structure and the construction of new passenger terminal facilities […]

Lane County Food Distribution

The Lane County Food Distribution Project assited Lane County schools, colleges, and hospitals in sourcing more food from local farms and distributors. Oregon Solutions brought farmers, distributors, nonprofits and institutions together to increase the market for locally-produced food by overcoming barriers of aggregation, distribution, storage, processing, and building connections through the development of matchmaking resources.

Portland Community Gardens

The Portland Community Gardens project sought to increase community gardening opportunities in Portland. A scarcity of community garden space combined with an ongoing interest in food security, self reliance, and sustainability led to an Oregon Solutions project to help boost the ability for Portlanders to grow their own food.

Willamette Falls Locks

The Willamette Falls Locks connect the upper and lower sections of the Willamette River providing the only safe passage for recreational and commercial boats around the 40-foot falls. Operated by the Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), the Willamette Locks struggles to stay open due to steep operational costs and inconsistent funding. Oregon Solutions has been […]