Meeting Materials, Resources, and Background

Meetings Materials

November 4, 2020, meeting materials

September 2, 2020, meeting materials

December 11, 2019, meeting materials

November 13, 2019, meeting materials

September 11, 2019, meeting materials

July 10, 2019, meeting materials

April 10, 2019, meeting materials

January 30, 2019, meeting materials

October 17, 2018, meeting materials

September 5, 2018, meeting materials

July 18, 2018, meeting materials

June 6, 2018, meeting materials

April 4, 2018, meeting materials

May 2, 2018, meeting materials


Willamette Falls Locks Commission – US Army Corps of Engineers Final Director’s Report July 11, 2019 (PDF)

Willamette Falls Locks Capital Repair Costs Summary, February 2, 2019 (PDF) (Updated to reflect feedback received at the January 30, 2019, commission meeting.)

Willamette Falls Locks Marine Board PowerPoint Presentation 1-22-2019 (PDF)

Willamette Falls Locks Oregon Tourism (Travel Oregon) PowerPoint Presentation 2-5-19 (PDF)

Report: Economic Benefits of Reopening the Willamette Falls Locks (PDF)

Willamette Falls Locks Independent Condition Assessment by KPFF (PDF) (Additional presentation available on October 17, 2018, meeting materials page.)

Willamette Falls Locks Summary of the Clackamas County Strategic Plan for Water-Based Tourism 2018 (PDF)  (Additional information available on the October 17, 2018, meeting materials page.)


2016 Gov Brown Willamette Falls Locks Task Force Letter from Honorable Barbara Roberts and Final Recommendations (PDF)

Memorandum of Agreement for Closure of Willamette Falls Locks (PDF)

Costs from Facility Evaluation Report (PDF)

Comparative Case Study: Fox River Disposition Study Presentation (PDF)

Comparative Case Study: CEDER “The Willamette Falls Locks – A Case Study Analysis of Potential Transfer Issues” (PDF)